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9 Simple Steps to Fixing Wiper Motor/Transmission Noise

Eliminate Windshield Wiper Blade Motor/Transmission Noise

There is nothing as annoying as noisy wiper blades. Like nails on a chalkboard, the sound can drive you out of your mind as you cruise down the road. From a dirty windshield to a wiper assembly that is too tight or loose, there are many different sources of wiper noise. As awful as it sounds, listen closely and try to determine where the sound is coming from. If you hear noise coming from under the cowl of your windshield, your wiper transmission and/or motor requires attention. The following steps will help you cure the noise and give you a quiet ride.



Position the wiper blades at the top of the windshield.


Using soap, mark the blade position on the windshield for future reference.


Locate and squeeze the tabs or caps at the base of the wiper arms; if nuts are present, remove them.



Carefully lift and wiggle the wiper arms off the splines.


Next, locate and remove the screws holding the cowl in place.


Remove the cowl, to expose the weather stripping, wiper transmission, and wiper motor.



Turn the wipers on and listen for the noise. If it is coming from the joints of the transmission, spraying with lubricant may solve the problem.


If the noise is coming from the motor, remove the weather stripping, unplug the motor connector and replace. Replace the motor by removing the retainer screws; remove the retainer nuts to change out the transmission.


Reconnect the weather stripping and reassemble the cowl and wiper arms. Run the wipers to ensure that they are in the proper position.

Please note that wiper blade systems can vary between vehicles, this is a general how-to.

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